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#MyMauritius in partnership with @iambassadornet. Looks amazing! 💙 #Repost @resfredag with @get_repost
🌴Så här kan Mauritius se ut på ett ungefär, i alla fall när du ger dig ut på en katamaran! Jag lägger ut hela videon på FB imorgon när jag är lite piggare (insta ville bara ge mig 1 minut, hela filmen är 2!). .
Det här med film är inte riktigt min grej, men efter vår film-workshop fick jag i alla fall ge det ett försök. Något som ÄR min grej är däremot den här ön. I alla fall de delarna som inte inkluderar All-inclusive med italienare och fransmän... .
Resan är sponsrad av @mauritius.tourism .
// Greetings from the #MyMauritius ExplorerLab Conference 2019! I spent my day at sea with #CroisieresAustrales practising the skills from our videography workshop. See the full video at Twitter @resfredag .
#IamCrosieresAustrales #AmazingSeaAdventures #Mauritius #attresapodden #travelblogger #svenskaresebloggar

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#Repost @fantasiresor (@get_repost)
Sponsrat / Alla dessa balkonger i Barcelona😍 Blir sugen på att flytta in i varenda en. .
Resan är en del av kampanjen #nordictbinbarcelona som arrangeras av @nordictb i samarbete med @visitbarcelona @catalunyaexperience #visitbarcelona #catalunyaexperience

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We’re excited to kickoff #NordicTBinBarcelona with Visit Barcelona and Catalunya Experience which will take storyteller Sofia of @Fantasiresor and videographer Joris of CineTravel to Barcelona to experience and document the Sant Jordi's Day Barcelona 2018 Books and Roses Festival.
We will also be creating an inspirational video that will inspire readers to experience the romance, history, and culture of the festival and Barcelona.

Learn more here - https://nordictb.com/news/join-nordictbinbarcelona-with-visit-barcelona-and-catalan-tourist-board/

#VisitBarcelona #BooksAndRoses #CatalunyaExperience #NordicTB #Barcelona #Spain

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”Modesty is not my speciality” – Salvador Dalí

Visiting the Dalí home turned into museum turns out to be something special. A bit “crazy and amazing” at the same time if you ask @jennsandstrom, who visited the Dalí home last year. And are you not as I more than a bit curious about the artist’s life?

Read more->

#inCostaBrava #CatalunyaExperience #nordictb #folkscenery

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Have you ever been to oliveoil tasting?

“Olive oil tastes best at 28 degrees - which means that we are encouraged to heat the dashed blue colored glass with our hands before we lift the glass lid and smell the olive oil”.. “I do not want to say that I'm an expert on olive oil, far from there, but of both smell and taste to judge, I understand that both Serraferran Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Anna Sala Trull de Ventalló Extra Virgin Olive Oil maintain the highest quality possible.” says @Resfredag when visiting Oli de Ventalló (@olideventallo)in the Catalan countryside.

Read more from Annika- http://resfredag.se/olivolja

#inCostaBrava and #CatalunyaExperience #nordictb #folkscenery #greatnorthcollective

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We’re beyond ecstatic to announce that our #LatviaRoadtrip project has been nominated for a prestigious World Travel Award in the category “Europe’s Leading Tourism Development Project” under “Explore Latvia slowly”.

Please vote for us!! - https://nordictb.com/awards/latviaroadtrip-nominated-for-world-travel-awards/

Winning this award would be a major win for the power of professional travel blogging in the Nordics!

Thank you all for your continued support in elevating the standards of new media in the travel industry.

#nordictb #magneticlatvia #enjoylatvia 📸@antligenvilse

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About a month ago the #NordicTBSummit was held and an a short video showing bits and glimpses from the event on @tallinksverige M/S Romantika, Riga and Jurmala is now here.

When a bunch of travelbloggers meet in real life magic happen (with a little help from @cinetravel ed).

See full movie on Vimeo.com/NordicTB

A bunch of travelbloggers from the Nordic’s met up and had a crown making workshop with @lastroda onboard. In Riga we split up into four groups and explored Latvian culture, gastronomy and design as well as one group heading to Jurmala resort enjoying spa as well as a wonderful winter beach. A perfect short winter weekend getaway. ❄️

Participants: @lolaakinmade @letsgetlostno @adaras @fantasiresor @comeflywithme.se @travellingmunk @otto.lilja @linns_reise @sophieofnorway @discoveringtheplanet @jennsandstrom @antligenvilse @mllejohannaeb @grownuptravelguide @resfredag @intehelena @wearenodes

Thanks to LIAA, @tallinksverige and LIVE Riga for making the experience possible in collab with NordicTB.

#nordictb #nordictbsummit #RigaStories #MagneticLatvia #Tallink #TallinkSverige #EnjoyLatvia

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The dog at Kukšu muiža is named Gizmo and he might be the country’s kindest watchdog, and also a local celebrity after being a television series. - @alltidreiseklar

Read more about the mansion; the rooms, service and food at Ann-Maris blog.

#nordictb #latviaroadtrip #magneticlatvia #enjoylatvia #living_europe #hotel #mansion

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Yummie yum.

Montafoner Sauerkäse, a traditional cheese made from sour milk from the Montafondalen in Vorarlberg. - @fantasiresor

#invorarlberg #nordictb #visitaustria #visitaustria🇦🇹 #foodinspo

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”From the moment we met Valdis, it was clear that he was passionate about this work. As he took his spot behind the potter’s wheel with his foot mechanically spinning the wheel as if a natural extension of himself, he was making it all look so easy.” - @lolaakinmade when meeting the potter Valdis Pauliņš in Krāslava, Latvia.

Read more about the culture in Latgale on Lolaakinmade- Latvia files. Lola is one of the founders of NordicTB and focus on culture and food when traveling.

#latviaroadtrip #latvia #visitlatvia #enjoylatvia #folkscenery #folkvibe #nordictb #magneticlatvia

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”Just before sunset I go outside again to catch the last light of the day. I am in luck and catch the last rays of sun hitting a snowy mountain peak and turns it into gold. ” - @sarahinthegreen #invorarlberg #visitaustria ...

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@adaras visiting the (probably) prettiest and most grand staircase in Riga. 💃 Have you been? 📸@antligenvilse #enjoylatvia #nordictbsummit #rigastories #magneticlatvia #liveriga ...

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NordicTB’s Janicke Hansen, @letsgetlostno, is the new President of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PTBA), working to improve and share knowledge about influencer marketing in the travel industry. Much needed in influencer times like this. Good look with your new assignment Janicke! 💃 #nordictb #travelbloggers ...

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Looking for an golftour in epic surroundings? Maybe Lech in the Austrian alps is a right fit for you then? During fall our storyteller @letsgetlostno visited Golf Club Lech and got to try out the sport. “Like being in a postcard”. Read more about Janicke’s experience in her blogpost about golfing in the alps.
#inVorarlberg #visitaustria #nordictb #austria

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Valentines day is soon coming to an end. How did you spend your day? @fantasiresor shot this photo from M/S Romantika last week. Isn’t that just 💕? #nordictb #nordictbsummit #enjoylatvia #tallinksilja #magneticlatvia #rigastories #visitlatvia #nordictravelbloggers ...

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Straight from a fairytale the castle ruins of Cesis are like a “mix of Game of Thrones and Visby where a real medieval village meets saga”, according to @antligenvilse. What do you think? 📸@intehelena
#enjoylatvia #nordictb #latviaroadtrip #visitlatvia

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Do you ever have enough energy to get out of bed at 4 o’clock in the morning? @intehelena does, from time to time. This time to explore the fantastic Vidzeme coast in Latvia. Facing a pink Baltic Sea she said’ “Although it felt so heavy to get up, it was so worth it. To see the brown rocks start to light red while the sky changed color from gray to blue to pink was so beautiful. And we were all alone on the beach, what a luxury!” Check out @intehelena blog to read more about her chasing sunrise in Latvia.

#latviaroadtrip #latvia #visitlatvia #visitlatvia🇱🇻 #enjoylatvia

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Did you know that Riga has Europe’s largest market? There are over 3000 stands indoors in 5 large market halls and in the outdoors market area. There’s a great selection of local products and traditional food and each hall is dedicated to different types of products. Riga Central Market is #UNESCO listed, along with Riga old town, and occupies an area of over 72,000 square meters! #liveriga #magneticlatvia #nordictbsummit Photo by @letsgetlostno ...

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