Janicke Hansen and Lola Åkerström, co-founders of NordicTB Collective — a group of digital storytellers based in Scandinavia — believe in the future of opportunities for local and regional travel content work, but are hesitant on how soon a boom might happen.

Hansen said smaller tourism boards in Norway, for instance, had gone bankrupt from the lack of small business tourism revenue and therefore marketing funds remained scarce

The shift of travel influencers into lifestyle and other areas and their desire to now get back into travel — which creators came to realize was a luxury — will also have consequences, Åkerström added.

“It’s going to affect the creator economy in the next two to three years, in that it may devalue what people produce for the destinations because travel influencers that are really hit are going to be doing a lot of things for free such as press trips,” Åkerström said. “It’s going to take us back to many years when we said influencers need to be paid for their time.”

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