A lot of exciting projects and proposals are being created behind the scenes at NordicTB and we’ll be sharing specific details as each of the projects and campaigns below are launched. 

In the meantime, here is a quick update on some confirmed partnerships and when they are kicking off this autumn.

Sept 3-6: #TravelHousePorvoo in Finland (Mixed)

Sept 9: Fjordline Partnership (Norwegian)

Sept 10-15: Emilia Romagna Partnership (traditional – Janicke)

Sept 10-14: Culinary Academy, West Sweden (traditional – Lola)

Sept 23-28: #Sailforgood in Turkey (Finnish)

October 5-17: #WurstAdventure in Germany (Phase 1 – Norwegian)

October 10-23: #FamilyThailand (traditional – Inna)

October 25-31:  Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (traditional – Janicke)

October 15-17: Lola Åkerström (Sweden) will be presenting at TBEX Asia

We have over a dozen more proposals in the works as well as presentations lined up at major conferences so stay tuned.