In September 2015, we launched the #SailForGood campaign in collaboration with Visit Turkey and Turkish AirlinesSail For Good expedition is a private initiative based on a sailing adventure around the world by Meretniemi family from Finland with three children. The goal is to experiment with new ways to utilize technology and digital learning methods to enable education for all children anywhere, anytime.

The campaign covered two different experiences including a three hour stopover in Istanbul: • 2 days hiking in Lycian way • 2 days sailing with s/y Panacea

There were 11 channel participants who covered various styles and content for various audiences: • travel, lifestyle, sport, family, YouTube, Instagram • Blogs • Vlogs • Instagram • Snapchat • Twitter.


  • 21 blog posts with hundreds of comments.
  • 197 pictures in Instagram with over 60,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Campaign Participants

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Our #SailForGood Bloggers Expedition is a unique and effective way to grow interest in your destination through inspiring content by top digital influencers. We use various social media channels, realtime storytelling, and high engagement to change how people see your destination.

If you would like us to bring this sailing expedition to your shores, please get in touch with us.

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