NordicTB Collective will be speaking at both NY Trav Fest and BBCON this April and May respectively.

The New York Travel Festival (NY TRAV FEST) – April 14-17, 2016

The New York Travel Festival is a series of events for those whose lives are touched by travel: members of the travel industry, travel media, lifelong travelers, long-term travelers, college students, and people in career transition.

Co-founder Janicke Hansen will be speaking at the following sessions which cover real-time storytelling and getting social with your brand:


Better Bloggers Conference (BBCON) – May 28, 2016

The inaugural Better Bloggers Conference (BBCON) to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, is an inspiring event for influencer marketing and it will focus on trends, networking and inspiring lectures – for bloggers, influencers and marketers.

Co-founders Lola Akinmade Åkerström and Janicke Hansen will be speaking on “Big results on small budgets” – how to design and run successful blog campaigns on small budgets including practical tips.