LinkedIn: Exceptional Finnish Women to Follow

In an article on LinkedIn titled 7 exceptional Finnish women to follow at Twitter 2016, NordicTB co-founder and members Inna-Pirjetta Lahti and Veera Bianca were recognized.

Here is an excerpt:

Inna-Pirjetta Lahti @innastus: A speaker, a travel writer and an exploring mom.

Veera Bianca @VeeraBianca: A travel writer, a newness seeker and a future change-maker.

Inspirational Awards from Travellink 

NordicTB co-founder Lola A. Åkerström was named Inspiring Instagrammer of the Year for her picture puzzle style Instagram feed.

NordicTB Annika Myhre was awarded Inspiring Storyteller of the Year for her blog, Resfredag, by the travel company, Travellink.

PHOTO CREDIT: NordicTB Katarina Wohlfart.