NordicTB is kicking off a joint campaign in partnership with the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) (Swedish Office) in tandem with the tourism board’s 2016 current campaign #EnjoyGermanNature.

From September 24-29, two Swedish travel influencers will bring their readers and audiences along on a journey through live and Real-Time Storytelling as they explore the following regions in Germany:

Rügen: Beautiful Baltic Sea island known for classic architecture, long sandy beaches, chalky cliffs and as a spa & wellness destination.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Known for its many lakes, green landscapes, mansions and small but beautiful castles.

Rüdesheim: Famous wine region with a beautiful landscape and lots of opportunities for active vacations.

Other cities: Assmannshausen, Wiesbaden, Koblenz and Frankfurt



The participants below will share their travel experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MittTyskland and #EnjoyGermanNature

Sweden – Sofia Zetterqvist (Fantasiresor)
Nya Äventyr väntar – Solo-Roadtrip Till Tyska Semesterparadis
Roadtrip ensam på autobahn
Ahrenshoop – konst och romantik för soloresenärer
Spetsvillor och bokskogar på semesterön Rügen

Sweden – Daniela Nasteska Olsson (Discovering the Planet)
On Instagram
Underbar sensommar i Rüdesheim am Rhein
En romantisk dag på tu man hand i Rheingau i Tyskland
Assmanshausen och hur man spenderar en hel dag i en liten tysk by
Sju restauranger i Tyska Rüdesheim am Rhein…
Ett litet bildspel som sammanfattar min resa till Tyska Rheingau…

Once back, they will share more details on their blogs. The campaign aims to personalize our participants’ travel experience in the region, and inform, inspire and influence the readers to experience their own special trips.

Additional social media amplification

They will take over the GNTB Swedish Facebook account and the GNTB International Instagram account according to the following schedule:

GNTB Facebook – Sept 24-29

GNTB Instagram – Sept 24 (Daniela) and Sept 25 (Sofia)


Special thanks to our flight partner Airberlin as well as the lodging and tourism partners below:

Rügen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Rüdesheim, Assmannshausen, Wiesbaden, Koblenz and Frankfurt

Follow their journey and get new travel inspiration for your next trip! Follow #MittTyskland and #EnjoyGermanNature across social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.