Nella Ruusunen – Kaukokaipuu Matkablogi  in Metro-Lehti, Finland.

Our NordicTB travel influencers have been in the media a lot lately. From giving press interviews and getting nominations to launching podcasts and doing radio and TV shows.

Here are just some of their latest press mentions:


Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge – The Copenhagen Traveler – was chosen out of 700 applicants to be one of three finalists for the award of Best Luxury Travel Blog by Cinnamon Hotels & the Travel Bloggers Conference Asia (TBCAsia 2016) hosted in Sri Lanka this year. 

Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge – The Copenhagen Traveler – has appeared on Danish TV (TV2) as a travel expert.


Veera Papinoja – Veera Bianca –  was nominated by booking website as best Finnish travel blogger.

Kea Soza – Deep Red Blues – was on YLE Radio

Nella Ruusunen – Kaukokaipuu Matkablogi – was featured in Metro-Lehti as well as the local Rovaniemi newspaper.

Sanna Kalmari – Palmuasema – was interviewed on YLE Radio 1 yesterday and Iskelmä Radio.

Marjaana Tasala and Laura Rumbin – RIMMA + LAURA -matkablogi –  were featured on Aamulehti about their “Travel Bloggers Give Back” which is a charity flea market event held during the MATKA Travel Fair with donations going to Nepal.

Sanna Wallenius – Wallenius – and Inna-Pirjetta Lahti – Lapsiperheenmatkat – were interviewed om YLE AREENA TV

Otto Lilja – OTTO Izakaya – was featured in Finnish paper Vantaan Sanomat


Andy Higgs – Grown-up Travel Guide – was featured in the January 2016 issue of Finnair’s Blue Wings magazine.


Helena & Peter Bergström – Freedom Travel – were interviewed by YLE Nyheter in the article, Bloggare ska locka turister till skärgården.

Helena & Peter Bergström – Freedom Travel – were on Swedish Radio P5 Sthlm.

Annika Myhre – Resfredag – was featured in Blekinge Läns Tidning (BLT)

Linda Hammarberg – Mary af Rövarhamn – and her family were featured on Swedish Television (SVT) in the series Familjer på äventyr.

Annika Myhre – Resfredag and Lisa from Livet från den ljusa sidan launched a podcast called Att Resa Podden which already debuted on the top Swedish travel podcast list on iTunes.

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