Follow NordicTB Lola Akinmade Åkerstrom of Geotraveler’s Niche through Mantua, Italy, and its surroundings. 

The trip is part of the #inLombardia365 campaign in collaboration with our partner collective iambassador and Explora Tourism.


I will be getting beneath the quiet surface of Mantua which was named the 2016 Italian Capital of Culture because of its rich Rennaissance history. I love navigating a culture through its gastronomy, slow traditions, and everyday lifestyles. So in addition to Mantua’s classical architecture, I would love to learn more about its slow food traditions, try my hand at a cooking class, meet local artisans and learn about their crafts, and overall, slow down my pace to fully absorb all Mantua wants to share with me.

I will tour its historical churches and palaces including Teatro Bibiena, BibliotecaTeresiana, Palazzo della Ragione,Torre dell’Orologio, Basilica di Sant’Andrea, and Palazzo Ducale.  I’ll try my hands at making ravioli from scratch, and will head over to nearby Sabbioneta to explore its own Rennaissance trail.

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