NordicTB is excited to announce its latest partnership with Hamburg Tourism and Hamburg Marketing called #ChristmasInHamburg in tandem with Hamburg’s existing campaign #HolyHamburg.

This seasonal campaign involves taking audiences on weekend getaways to Hamburg, Germany, through a digital storytelling and social media campaign to share unique stories, images, and videos from its Christmas markets and the general Christmas atmosphere and holiday feeling within the city. Themes include seasonal cuisine, culture, city breaks, markets, and Christmas tradition.

Follow our NordicTB travel influencers and storytellers below as they explore the Christmas spirit in Hamburg over the following weekends:


SWEDEN – Charlotte Lundquist – Readyfortakeoff
Få julkänslor i Hamburg
Next Trip: Christmas Markets in Hamburg

SWEDEN – Jeannette Seflin – Jeanette Seflin
En guide till Hamburgs julmarknader
Kommande resa: Jul i Hamburg

SWEDEN – Maria Karlsson – Fantasy Dining
5 Annorlunda barer i Hamburg
25Hours Hotel HafenCity, Hamburg
Guide: Alternativt och kreativt i Hamburg
En julig weekend i Hamburg
Julmarknadsresa till Hamburg

SWEDEN – Lena Löfland – Ladies Abroad
Hamburg – Speicherstadt och Hafen City
Julmarknader i Hamburg
På väg till Hamburg

DENMARK – Anders & Laura Bruhn – After Globe
Guide: Julemarkeder i Hamborg – Afterglobe
Næste stop: Hamborg – Afterglobe


SWEDEN – Evelina Utterdahl – Earth Wanderess
I fell in love with Hamburg
Vegan food – Christmas in Hamburg
Christmas in Hamburg

SWEDEN – Sheida Tilles – We Are Nodes
VIDEO: Christmas in Hamburg
The Ultimate Christmas Guide to Hamburg
Next Stop: #ChristmasInHamburg With Hamburg Tourism

DENMARK – Bettina Steen Arknaes – Danish Adventurer
Tag med på vandretur gennem UNESCOs verdenskulturarv i Hamburg
De bedste julemarkeder i Hamburg og en uartig
Kom med DB tog til julemarked i Hamburg

NORWAY – Annette Munkejord – Travelling Munk
Stay: old school glamour at the Reichshof Hotel Hamburg
Julestemning i Hamburg
Hunting for holiday spirit at Europe’s Christmas markets

NORWAY – Marie Brudevold – Supermarie
Juleeventyr i Hamburg
Julemarked og desembermagi i Hamburg

The influencers will create content as well as share their experiences across social media using the hashtag #ChristmasInHamburg and #HolyHamburg.

Hamburg Social Media Takeovers

They will also take Hamburg Tourism’s official social media accounts (in English) such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the trip below:



Follow their journey and get new travel inspiration for your next trip! Follow #HolyHamburg and #ChristmasInHamburg across social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.