We are partnering with Aruba Tourism Authority and KLM to bring you local stories, authentic experiences, slow food and nature from Aruba – One Happy Island.

From May 6-11, our NordicTB founders and storytellers will explore Aruba, focusing on culture, local gastronomy, nature, coastal living, sailing, and sustainability initiatives.


NORWAY – Janicke Hansen –Let’s get lost

SWEDEN – Lola Akinmade Åkerström – Lola Akinmade

Official #NordicTBinAruba video

Our #NordicTBinAruba visual story takes you on a journey through a different side of Aruba, known as the Happy Island. From arid national parks and underground caves to some of the best street art and murals in the world.

How to follow their stories

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Once back, they will share more details on their blogs and across social media. The campaign aims to personalize our participants’ travel experience in the region, and inform, inspire and influence the readers to experience their own special trips.

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