NordicTB is excited to kickoff Phase II of the #LatviaRoadTrip Campaign in partnership with Latvia Tourism and professional visual artists from Storytravelers!

After a successful first campaign which explored Western Latvia (including Liepaja, Kuldiga, Alsunga), this second phase will take six (6) Nordic travel influencers and digital storytellers through both Northern and Eastern Latvia on two separate roadtrips below:

The Foodie Route – Focus on food and the Riga-Gauja region as a 2017 European Region of Gastronomy – May 19-24

The Culture Route – Learning traditions at rural guest houses and farm houses in East Latvia (Latgale region) as well as exploring surrounding areas – July 6-11


They will bring their readers and audiences along on a journey through live and Real-Time Storytelling as they explore the region. The participants below will share their travel experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #LatviaRoadTrip and #EnjoyLatvia. Once back, they will share more details on their blogs.

The Foodie Route

SWEDEN – Katarina Wohlfart – Äntligen Vilse
Mot nya roadtripäventyr i norra Lettland

SWEDEN – Helena Gunnare – Oh darling, let’s be adventurers
#LatviaRoadtrip II – på väg genom norra Lettland

NORWAY – Ann-Mari Gregersen – Alltid reiseklar – en byguide
Sove: 5-stjerners på Liepupe Manor
Spise: Matguide til landlige Latvia
Bli med meg til regionen Riga-Gauja

NORWAY – Annette Munkejord – Travellingmunk
Den ultimate Latvia Roadtrip

The Culture Route

SWEDEN – Lola A. Åkerström – Geotraveler’s Niche – Lola Akinmade

NORWAY – Janicke Hansen Norksereiseblogger


Headed by Caspar Diederik, Storytravelers is a collective of visual storytelling artists with a passion for sharing genuine travel experiences through the art of film and photography. They collaborate with artists from all corners of the globe who share the same passion and skills needed for captivating online storytelling.

Storytravelers offers a unique, customised way to promote travel experiences, through creating inspirational content-driven campaigns.They will be creating an official video for the #LatviaRoadtrip campaign and are partners of NordicTB.

Go behind the scenes in the video below and check out their amazing work on Vimeo:


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