We are proud to announce that the #LifestylePolen 2017 Edition is being launched this week! In collaboration with Polska Statens Turistbyrå (Polish Tourist Organization) and the regional tourism organisations of  Warsaw, Pomorskie and Warmia and Masuria

The campaign will include 4 different trips sending our bloggers to different areas and having different experience in Poland. Each of the regions will, in addition to the official hashtag #LifestylePolen, have their own dedicated hashtag. These are the hashtags and dates for the campaign trips:


A total of 2 Norwegian influencers visiting the Masurian Lakeland. The trip will be from July 3rd to 6th 2017
Henriette Gran Myreng – Coffee in a cup 
Linn Krogh Hansen – Linn’s reise


A total of 4 Swedish influencers will be visiting Warsaw. First trip is from July 7th to 11th and the second trip in September 2017
Daniela Nasteska Olsson – Discovering the planet
Johanna Bergström – Lyx.se
Helena Gunnare – Oh darling, let’s be adventurers
Jeanette Seflin – Jeanette Seflin


A total of 3 Norwegian influencers will be visiting the Pomorskie area in September 2017.
Andy Higgs – Grown-up Travel Guide
Maria Ebbestad – Reisetid
Christina Sunneklepp – Cava for lunch

Follow our influencers during the campaign over the next few months to find inspiration for your next trip to Poland!