Collective of digital storytellers

Denmark – Finland – Iceland – Norway – Sweden

Our Story

We cooperate and collaborate with clients, sponsors, and fellow collectives to create innovative marketing and re-branding campaigns for destinations, brands and companies.

Our Campaigns

We offer high quality content published through multiple social channels for our clients, and can help with your campaign planning at any stage.

Our Network

We have a NordicTB Extended Network of digital storytellers beyond our core influencers who can participate on various campaigns and collaborations as well.

Case studies and testimonials

Learn more about some of our campaigns and their social media reach.


Unique multimedia

High quality unique content – narrative storytelling, photography, and video


Live storytelling

Using tools such as Periscope to bring audiences along on our journeys.


Social media amplification

Using the latest social media tools to bring brand awareness

Our Storytellers

Our team of storytellers have been in the business for years and include award-winning writers, videographers, photographers, and public speakers. They have been selected based on criteria such as quality (first and foremost), specific niches, social media reach and the ability to work  and collaborate in a team. Independently, they have contributed to various high profile brands such as CNN, BBC, National Geographic, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, Expedia, Skyscanner, and more.

Interested in collaborating? We would love to hear from you